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STRONG – Recipe Card & Ingredients

STRONG Recipe Card & Ingredients

An organic superfood blend that enhances energy, muscle-strength, work out recovery & improves mental well-being


Hemp Protein – Contains all 9 essential amino acids which help repair and build lean muscle. Hemp protein helps boost natural energy and protects the kidneys, liver and heart.

Pea Protein – Packed with branched chain amino acids, which are the essential building blocks needed for protein, keeping stamina and strength high.

Ashwagandah – Reduces recovery time. Improves strength and stamina, and enhances energy.

Spirulina – This blue green algae is rich in protein, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and carotenoids that helps protect the body from cell damage.

Gogi Berry – Rich in antioxidants, is anti inflammatory, anti microbial and immune stimulating. It is antidiabetic, neuroprotective, anti-cancer, a prebiotic and a fantastic source of plant protein.

Cacao – A super source of magnesium which helps increase energy, combats fatigue, and
supports mental and physical well-being.



Strong Power Smoothie – half cup oats – 2 bananas – handful spinach – 1 avocado – 1 tbsp almond butter – 1 tbsp chia seeds – handful walnuts – half pint almond or oat milk – 1 teaspoon cacao powder – 1 scoop strong powder – blend & drink.

Strong Power Protein Balls – 1 cup fresh medjool dates, pitted – 1 cup natural almonds, 2 tbsp coconut oil, melted, 2 tbsp raw cacao powder, 1 tbsp maple syrup, 1 tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon, 1/4 cup almond butter. Soak the dates in warm water for 15 mins – then add all ingredients into a blender – and scoop in your Strong Powder- whizz and roll into Balls – place in a tray and pop in the fridge for 2-3 hours – and they are ready to eat.

Power Overnight Oats – half cup oats – 2 bananas – 2 tsps almond butter – handful berries – half pint almond or oat milk – tsp chia seeds – tsp flaxseeds – tsp pumpkin seeds – add strong powder and stir together – place in the fridge overnight.

Celery Juice – Celery juice alone has multiple benefits for muscle and bone strength. Simply juice 4 bunches celery. Drink half a pint every morning and add a scoop of strong powder – you will feel the power!

TOP TIP: Mixing our ‘S’ range superfood powders together can work really well for your health.
There are no restrictions on which ones you can blend – YOU GET TO CHOOSE depending on your personal preference, taste and health aims/challenges you are wanting to fix.
The more the merrier and your body will simply lap up the goodness like an intravenous drip!

If you have any medical conditions, please consult your doctor or health care practitioner before taking these products. You can add our superfoods to any sauces and dishes you choose. Just remember to do it after it’s cooked, as heating could affect the quality of the product.

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