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Additional Health benefits my company can offer

  1. Denise Kelly has worked globally for over 15 years with corporate companies and individuals offering energetic health scanning (Please see website for more details – This gives a detailed analysis into a person’s body and their health, including looking into the blood, organs, bones, skin, deficiencies, intolerances, imbalances etc. There is always a root cause for disease to manifest, and once that has been established she can work out the best route for an individual to take to create balance and restoration to improve health conditions.

The Cost of this health scan normally is £350.00 per scan. If the company was to book scans in blocks of x 5 or more – the fee is £199.00 per health scan. If it was down to individuals to book their own singularly it would be £250.00 – as a discount to employees.

  1. Denise Kelly has also developed her own superfood products range consisting of 6 main products –

The products are:

Super – A natural green blend to help the body detox and gain energy through super nutrients

Shield – A natural immunity boosting blend, that also helps reduce anxiety and stress.

Skin – A natural blend of collagen enhancing plant-based products that help to give glow and strength

Sleep – A natural blend to help aid natural sleep and relaxation.

Shape – A natural blend of plant-based protein to help feel full and satisfied.

Surge – A natural blend of raw chocolate to elevate your energy and taste delicious

Cost of Health superfood products – Website price – £27.99 – If the superfoods were to be bought in bulk – 10 x orders or more – The cost to you would be £18.00 per blend. If they were bought individually it would be £22.00 per blend.

  1. Her book was published with Wileys called ‘The Art of healthy living’ – If the book was bought in a block of 10 x books or more – the price would be £7.99 per book. Individually purchased – £9.99.

It would be wonderful for all employees to receive a copy of the book. It would give them a real good grounding on how to implement changes, plus recipes ideas and food/herb/meditation benefits etc.

Company Extras –

Health retreats – Please see additional attached information – Day events and overnight stays including yoga, meditation & Nutrition are all available. They are all designed to be life changing and enable a person to step into their own power and feel renewed and recharged.